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Noosa Heads Rotary


The Rotary Club of Noosa Heads Queensland has a rich legacy that began when we were chartered on 17th May 1982. A few years later, we became an incorporated entity on 20th March 1986. From the first community service organisation in 1905 to a global network today, Rotary boasts over 1.2 million members across 200 countries. We, at Noosa Heads Rotary, embody this spirit right here in Queensland.


Our mission is clear and profound. We aim to provide service to others, uphold the highest standards of integrity, and pave the way for global understanding, goodwill, and peace. We do this through a strong fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders. Our commitment is not just global, but local as well. Over the years, we have donated our time, resources, expertise, and unyielding passion to various causes identified and deemed important by our members. We take immense pride in our achievements, particularly the tangible and intangible aid we have provided to our community.

Rotary's essence lies in its inclusivity. Our doors are open to everyone - men, women, those employed, or those enjoying retirement. If you resonate with our ideals and wish to actively contribute to the community, Noosa Heads Rotary welcomes you with open arms.

Whether you're considering joining, or just curious about our activities, we are here to share and enlighten. When you visit, you won't just hear about our projects. You'll feel our passion, our commitment, and maybe, just maybe, you'll want to be a part of it.


We are immensely grateful to our community and business sponsors and partners, whose unwavering support and generous contributions underpin our initiatives at the Rotary Club of Noosa Heads. These esteemed organizations not only contribute to our mission but also significantly impact the Noosa community with their philanthropy. Through collaborative endeavors, together we bring to life projects that enrich lives, both locally and internationally. As we shine a spotlight on our partners in the banner below, we celebrate not just sponsorship, but a powerful alliance forged in service, kindness, and a shared commitment to making positive changes in our society. Our profound thanks to each entity that aligns with us, amplifying our ability to ‘do good in the world'.

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